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Agriculture is the main occupation for 60-70 % of Indians. It contributes around 17% to the GDP of the country. India is the second largest producer of agriculture products. Most of the areas totally depend on the monsoon and if it fails, the farmers are hit adversely. This makes the agriculture an insecure occupation. The current generation people are less likely to be interested in agriculture. Everyone is interested in the white-collar jobs. But if we are not able to produce what is required for the 1.2 billion people then we have to expect other countries for the daily needs. This will eventually increase the cost of all the products. Most of the students passing out of the school are interested to pursue technical education not because they are interested in it but because of the trend. Even farmers don’t want their children to do farming after them because of the difficulties involved in it. Top engineering colleges in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc., are filled with talented people who can contribute a lot to the field of agriculture in terms of technological development.

Agriculture Universities should be encouraged by the government to do more research work in order to make the process simpler. There is a lot of opportunities in the field of agriculture in terms of economic growth. If we are able to plan according to the monsoon along with the use of better technologies like drip irrigation for better usage of water then the output which we will get will be profitable.

Management issues are the major drawback for this industry. Uneducated farmers were not able to track their investment and they end up taking a lot of loans. If they couldn’t get their expected output even after giving all the inputs they will be forced to sell their produce for a lesser price.

Many initiatives like ITC e-choupal and Hariyalikissan bazaars help farmers to get good guidance as well as quality inputs. The government should come with innovative ideas to eliminate the middleman in order to ensure that the farmers are getting a good price for their produce.

Many universities in India are providing a wide range of courses like engineering, arts and science, law, management studies on one campus. This will enable them to collaborate with various departments to do research work in a particular field like agriculture. But for that agriculture-related courses like horticulture, B.Sc agriculture, M.Sc agriculture, etc. also should be provided by those Universities. Universities like Ansal University, Gurgaon, SRM University, VIT University, Christ University, BITSPilani can contribute to the field of agriculture by providing those courses. This will create a major breakthrough in the field of agriculture. If agriculture education is seen on par with other technical education many students from urban part of the country also will start choosing the course.

An agricultural revolution like industrial revolution should be made. We Indians should not lose our identity because the agriculture field is tough. Instead, we should innovate more in the field in order to lead the agriculture world.

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